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Women's Urinary Incontinence Physio

Do you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise?

Or have overwhelming sense of urgency to empty your bladder?


Fully Integrated Therapies is privileged to have Jude Hudson our Women's Urinary Incontinence physiotherapist on board to help you with urinary incontinence and prolapse. 


Physiotherapy can be effective in teaching you exercises for your pelvic floor muscles, with a training program to teach your bladder how to work normally again. Advice can be given regarding continence products and strategies to better manage incontinence, to therefore decrease the stress in social situations. 


Incontinence generally does not improve by itself and often worsens if you do not do anything about it. Take control of your bladder instead of it controlling you!


If booking for a Women’s health examination, please inform our receptionists, as this requires pre-appointment paperwork to be completed by you.

Meet your physio

Jude Hudson

Judith Hudson

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